Dienstag, 2. April 2019

Schon wieder Spam


I'm is very good programmer, known in darkweb as alston41.

I hacked this mailbox more than 4 months ago, through it I infected your operating system with a virus (trojan) created by me and have been spying for you a very long time.

I understand it is hard to believe, but I have full access to your account:

You can check it yourself, I'm wrote you from yours account!

Even if you changed the password after that - it does not matter, my virus intercepted all the caching data on your computer and automatically saved access for me.

I have access to all your accounts, social networks, email, browsing history.

Accordingly, I have the data of all your contacts, files from your computer, photos and videos.

I was most struck by the intimate content sites that you occasionally visit.

You have a very wild imagination, I tell you!

During your pastime and entertainment there, I took screenshot through the camera of your device, synchronizing with what you are watching.

Oh my god! You are so funny and excited!

I think that you do not want all your contacts to get these files, right?

If you are of the same opinion, then I think that $762 is quite a fair price to destroy the dirt I created.

Send the above amount on my BTC wallet (bitcoin): XYZ

As soon as the above amount is received, I guarantee that the data will be deleted, I do not need it.

Otherwise, these files and history of visiting sites will get all your contacts from your device.

Also, I'll send to everyone your contact access to your email and access logs, I have carefully saved it!

Since reading this letter you have 48 hours!

After your reading this message, I'll receive an automatic notification that you have seen the letter.

Please do not try to answer me, the from-address is generated automatically!

I hope I taught you a good lesson.

Do not be so nonchalant, please visit only to proven resources, and don't enter your passwords anywhere!

Good luck!

 Der very good programmer spricht mich leider nicht mit meinem Namen an. 
Also fühle ich mich auch gar nicht angesprochen. 
Außerdem mag er zwar gut programmieren können, aber kreativ ist er nicht. 
Der Text hat schon soooo einen Bart.

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